Five Day Demand For Payment, Collection Letter

Free sample Five Day Demand For Payment collection letter and sample demand letters to help you maximize your in-house collections.

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Five Day Demand For Payment - Free Collection Letter Example

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This sample collection letter, titled 'Five Day Demand For Payment' is free for you to use. This sample collection letter is designed to be used when a debtor has already received past-due notices and has not responded with payment. You can cut, copy, paste, fill in the blanks and send this sample collection letter out to your debtors.

The Sample Collection Letter Five Day Demand For Payment

Dear ___________,

Our accounting department has turned your past due account over to me hoping that I could persuade you to bring it current prior to forwarding your file to our legal department.

When our firm extends credit to an individual such as yourself, it bases its decision on that applicant's previous credit history and ability to pay. When you requested credit from us, you met all of these criteria. Today, however, your account has reached the critical stage.

You can avoid any additional costs if you mail your check in the amount of [amount] I must hear from you within five days.


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