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Free sample collection letters and sample demand letters to help you maximize your in-house collections.

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Sample Collection Letters - Free Examples

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Explore a growing anthology of sample collection letters and demand letters that you can cut, copy and paste - then fill in your information and send out to your debtors. These demand letters can help motivate you debtors to pay.

No matter which of these sample collection letters you decide to send, it is important to gather all the facts about your customer's account and to encourage your customer to pay the money owed. In your demand letters, always be specific about the balance the customer owes and the date the money was due to avoid future misunderstandings.

In your final demand letters, it is essential that you let the customer know exactly what the penalty will be unless they reply immediately with payment. For example: If your payment is not received by January 7th, 2005, your account will be sent to collection agency.

Do not ever make an empty threat, and donít send more demand letters asking for payment after you send the final demand letters. You must be prepared to follow through with your claim to send the account to a collection agency, so you don't create a legal liability for your business.

The Sample Collection Letters & Demand Letters

Below is a listing of the sample collection letters by title. Please feel free to use these collection demand letters if you find them useful.

Sample Collection Letter 1

Sample Collection Letter 2

Sample Collection Letter 3

Sample Collection Letter 4

Sample Collection Letter 5

Sample Collection Letter 6

Sample Collection Letter 7

Sample Collection Letter 8

Sample Collection Letter 9

Sample Collection Letter 10

Five Day Demand For Payment

Financial Difficulty Collection Letters

Bad Check Notice

Small Business Collection Letter

Medical Patient Collection Letter 1 (the next 2 are progressive)

Medical Patient Collection Letter 2

Medical Patient Collection Letter 3

Demand Letter For Past Due Payment

Denial For Credit Extension

Credit Extension To Past Due Customer

Agreement To Extend Debt Payment

Apology For Mistaken Past Due Notices

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